Now search, access(copy, open, rename and delete) and most importantly send your enterprise documents and files from anywhere, anytime and from any of your favorite device. Yes, that’s the Citrix way. Also, access the file you have viewed recently on one of the enterprise devices you have access to.

You are driving, you are in party or maybe you are holidaying. Would you like to carry your enterprise laptop everywhere? But, would you like to afford not to access the document\file which matters for you? Would you not like to share the document with your boss or colleagues? Well!! the answer is yes but I know laptops are now too heavy to carry when you have so cool, so fascinating mobile that you purchased very recently . One thing that you would always like to carry is your favorite, recently purchased smart device and you want all on this small piece. But I know you would also like to change this device soon, after all you have so many choices. In the meanwhile you want access to your files with same power, with same simple experience, with same secure way and the way you like.

Citrix Doc Finder v2 is for you. Citrix Doc Finder is an application like any other application that can be published on XenApp server and can be accessed through Citrix Receiver on your device and will offer you uniform, simple, powerful and secure experience across the devices. This means that Citrix Doc Finder will launch according to your device size and will offer same experience across different devices, hence it will offer you the experience you are used to. It is designed for the smart phone users. It allows users connecting with Citrix Receivers for smart phones to browse view and send their documents. The vision for this application is to become the launching pad for mobile users and enable search, access and send the documents and applications in way that is easy and natural for such form factors.

We are targeting to bring Citrix Doc Finder v2 to you by November end. See the video: video below( which speaks all) to have a glimpse of how Citrix Doc Finder v2 looks and how it can be used. Try Citrix Doc Finder in Synergy.
Citrix Doc Finder demo : video