Backing up NetScaler Config Files…

A recent engagement caused us to research the question of how to backup the NetScaler. It is an important question, with a solution that should be part of any NetScaler owners routine. Fortunately there are a few options, ranging from quick-and-dirty to a more formalized approach.

There are several methods available:

  • Quick-and-Dirty copy the ns.conf:
    • login to the NetScaler CLI using PuTTY
    • Open a shell, by typing shell
    • cd /nsconfig
    • cp ns.conf ns.conf.backup.YYMMDD.cfg
  • Quick-and-Dirty copy the /nsconfig directory
    • Login to the NetScaler using WinSCP
    • Download the /nsconfig directory
  • Run the Generate Support File routine
    • Open the NetScaler GUI
    • Navigate to Diagnostics
    • Select Generate Support File
    • Use WinSCP to pull the .tar.gz file down to your storage
    • Read more here

How do you backup your NetScaler?

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