User profiles are certainly one of the more confusing aspects of any XenApp and/or XenDesktop implementation. What is the required user experience? How many resources will be accessed at once? What are the backend requirements? And the list of questions goes on and on . . .

So far as options, gone are the days when a Microsoft user profile was the only viable option. True, in some cases, it’s still the best option, but where you need a more robust or niche solution, profile solutions from Citrix and Citrix Ready Partners such as AppSense, LiquidWare, RES, and Tricerat may be more suitable. You have choices now and very good ones at that!

In a typical TechTalk, you learn about a Citrix technology and the recommended way to implement it. But for the October 21st session, there will be a new twist. After from a fast deep-dive about user profiles to get everyone on the same page, you’ll be spending time with two Citrix Technology Professionals and a Citrix Senior Architect focused on user profiles. The main part of the session will be a roundtable discussion wherein we focus on the general trends and customer pitfalls.

Who will be my honored guests for this roundtable discussion? None other than Shawn Bass and Steve Greenberg. Both are highly technical and seasoned professionals. I’ll play the role of Citrix Senior Architect.

From a Citrix perspective, we want you to make the best user profile solution so that you can successfully implement desktop virtualization. Thus, throughout this discussion, there will be no bias toward any particular solution.

You can register now for the Technical Roundtable: User Profile Alternatives for Desktop Virtualization TechTalk, which will be held on Thursday, October 21st. As part of the registration, please note the extra question box; this will enable us to guide the discussion based on audience input. If you want to brush up on user profiles and need of a quick-read, you may wish to take a look at CTX124799: User Profiles for XenApp and/or XenDesktop before the session.

Jo Harder, Senior Architect