“Sweet fancy Moses!”
George Costanza on seeing Elaine’s horrendous dancing at the office party
-- Seinfeld Episode:  The Little Kicks – 1996

I am a huge Seinfeld fan and have probably watched every episode at least a dozen times over the years.  I have often had the quote above replay involuntarily in my head when a new partner has approached Citrix and, without having any joint business together, a former relationship to ply, or really any good reason at all to be working with us, within the first 10 minutes of the conversation they suggest that we set them up with access to our:  a) Channel; b) Field; and/or c) Sales force.  “Sweet fancy Moses!”

In my inaugural blog post I mentioned the axiom of needing to give before you get in a partnership.  The approach above is the polar opposite of that sound advice so in this post we’ll cover how best to approach a technical partnership with Citrix.

For any technology vendor with a product or a solution looking to partner with Citrix you should start with our Citrix Ready program.  Citrix Ready is primarily a product verification program which enables partners to verify their products and solutions’ compatibility with Citrix products.  It also allows Citrix to showcase and recommend these solutions to customers and channel partners.

There are two levels in the Citrix Ready program available to all partners, a free tier (Citrix Ready Technology partners) and a paid tier (Citrix Ready Core partners).  The free tier enables partners to verify their products  with the Citrix Delivery Center, list their products on the Citrix Ready website and use the Citrix Ready logo in their marketing materials.  This is a great place to dip your toe in the water to get familiar with Citrix and our products.

The paid tier of the Citrix Ready program, in addition to the benefits of the free tier, layers in more marketing and sales support that 99% of you will find invaluable.  From inclusion in quarterly Citrix Ready program and product webinars, the ability to post your own videos to the Citrix TV channel, access to technical support incidents,  marketing templates, and access to Citrix Key plays, investing in the Citrix Ready Core level returns many times your investment.

I’d also like to mention another tier of Citrix Ready that our closest partners sometimes graduate to – Citrix Ready Leadership.  This level is an invite-only affair that typically requires one or more of the following:  a) significant joint business to be in place between the partner and Citrix; b) a strategic partnership formed to leverage the partner’s and Citrix’s joint technologies to benefit customers; c) a joint development or other contractual relationship that Citrix believes will result in better market position for the partners and better solutions for joint customers.  The Leadership level is where teams of people are dedicated to the partnership and the dollar investments are significant by both parties.

A good example of a Leadership partner is McAfee.  At Synergy back in May we announced a joint partnership with McAfee to make virtual desktop security simpler and more scalable for large enterprise deployments.  This was not only strategic for both companies, but was absolutely the right thing to do for our joint (and future) customers.

To sum up, we welcome partners of all stripes to work with Citrix – we love to dance!  The place to start is always Citrix Ready to get the products and solutions certified together and start building joint business.  As the partnership blossoms you may choose to move yourself up to the Core level to add the joint marketing benefits – this is a natural progression that I believe benefits all our best partners.  And finally, we pay attention to great partnerships and are always on the lookout to graduate the best partners to the Leadership level of Citrix Ready to benefit our joint customers. 

Here are some links to get you started with Citrix Ready.  And, if you’re already a Citrix Ready partner but haven’t utilized the program in a while, these are a good place to review the benefits of the program:

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Next time we’ll review our partnership with McAfee in more detail, cover the progress we’ve made and go into more depth on managing relationships.