Just a few more days until we hit the stage in Berlin, so I thought it would be time for another update. To be honest we have hit a few roadblocks along the way while preparing for this session. 1 even resulted in us having to re-install the total environment and some ideas just cannot be done before the session due to time on stage and/or time before we go on stage. What will make the final cut, who knows, Rob and I are working hard to get as much in as possible. We did decide upon is that we will be sharing all our work and make a nice how-to guide for all those interested (Yes Rob we did). The idea behind this session was inspired by my original blog about the beauty of the v-Alliance and I decided I wanted to put my money where my mouth is. So the session is still powerpoint less (although we do have the mandatory slides telling you who we are and some reference slides to put up) and all will be show and tell.

Scenario’s we will cover revolve around a new employee, machine breakdown and client side virtualization. All of the solutions will use Citrix and Microsoft technologies covered within the V-Alliance product offerings (e.g. XenDesktop platinum + VDI Suite Premium). Some we will show during the sessions and some will have to wait until a later time. Also moving forward we will investigate additional scenarios.

So allthough Berlin is less than a week away we will not stop working on this environment and neither will we stop posting info on what we are doing.

Hope to see you next week in person


Edit to clarify some of the roadblock I mentioned:

Roadblock 1: My limited knowledge of SCCM, I by now have taken a crash course in SCCM and MDT something I should have done before I started

Roadblock 2: Assumptions, I had a few ideas which just have not yet materialized in products

Roadblock 3 (and this is the one which caused the rebuild): Shortcuts, I was trying to take a shortcut in provisioning my VM’s with Windows 2008R2 and made the rookie mistake not to use Sysprep at the right stage. So although SCCM seems to work after doing a Sysprep with it installed we were running into soo many problems later on that we decided to reinstall).

Roadblock 4: Hardware resources: Trying to install too much into 1 VM, SCCM + SCVMM + SCOM on 1 box is not really a best practice and I would venture a guess better left to those that have extensive knowledge of all 3 components instead of me.