Citrix Receiver for iPhone & iPad has now exceeded 1 Million downloads making it near the top of the business apps category for Apple iOS. This milestone marks a threshold well beyond what had been considered a toy by many and an experiment by others. The Citrix Receiver for iPhone and iPad has enabled these consumer centric devices to also serve as a real business tool for hundreds of thousands of users and growing everyday. When you consider that most companies have only entered pilot phases of deployments this milestone is just the beginning. One notable example is SAP who has deployed 1,500 iPad’s to employees equipped with Citrix Receiver, based on the pilots success they now plan to grow the number to 17,000 in the next 12 months.

We have also learned a lot from users and IT since releasing the first iPhone Receiver app in May 2009. Here is a sampling :

For iPhone

The screen is nice, especially the iPhone 4 Retina display, but it’s still difficult to navigate unaltered windows apps or desktops for any length of time. Therefore we recommend a number of approaches to build and optimize apps for the iPhone including;

Mobile-Friendly – Tweaking existing apps to match the device displays.

PowerGadgets – Build great looking mobile apps with a WYSIWIG tool that requires no development environment.

Custom Apps – Build custom apps with the skills and tools already available like Windows Visual Studio, Flash and Java.

For iPads

The 1024×768 display makes it possible to really leverage existing Virtual Apps and Desktops and use it for more than just occasional usage.

The iPad is now influencing more IT decisions with executives demanding access to business apps.

Accessing a XenDesktop Virtual Desktop works best with a few adjustments such as ” œFat Finger “€ tipsœ|]to improve scrolling and clicking.

For both devices user experience is critical and users love multi-touch & gestures. So we continue to listen and innovate around incorporating native attributes where we can. Also things like log-on time, authentication and multi-tasking all impact usability and provide areas to focus on.

Let us know how your pilots are proceeding and if we can help.