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If you missed Oracle Open World 2010, you can still discover the excitement generated with Citrix NetScaler and Platform-as-a-Service. We had a presentation running in the booth, you can download it here. Citrix sponsored the Cloud Computing Pavilion which was a great opportunity for us. I think the award for the best idea to draw leads goes to the company that hired a Sumo Wrestler, see the attached photos for more.

The key takeaway is that the Citrix NetScaler, scales the virtual datacenter, while it accelerates, secures and delivers web and cloud applications.

An example of how this works:
  • NetScaler senses increased load
  • NetScaler calls the cloud API’s (Oracle)
  • An AppCentric call is made
  • The PaaS cloud adds capacity
  • NetScaler uses the new capacity
By using NetScaler with PaaS, Customers gain:
  • 100% application availability via the world-class L4-L7 load balancing capabilities and intelligent service health monitoring features
  • Accelerated application performance by 5x through static and dynamic content caching and compression
  • An average of 60% in application infrastructure savings through connection pooling and offloading SSL processing from servers; this is especially important for Web 2.0 applications
  • End-to-end application security with integrated Access Gateway Enterprise for secure remote access and an application firewall for protection against application layer attacks

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