Going to a XenApp session is like choosing a German cake, which one is the best if they all look good? 

In case you have not yet decided which breakout session to attend at Synergy Berlin, and have XenApp in mind, consider the provisioning services new feature of XenApp 6. What answers can you find in this session? Among others, we will give you details on the following:

  • How do you add EdgeSight agent to a pre-existing provisioned XenApp 6 farm?
  • What tool do you use with provisioning services and XenApp 6 to automate the provisioning process?
  • Which new features in provisioning services 5.6 can bring excitement to my XenApp 6 farm?
  • What are some of the best practices when using provisioning services to provision my XenApp 6 farm?
  • What are some of the enhancements coming up with provisioning services?

I will not tell you the end of the movie, so you have to attend and have fun with us. You can add this session to your agenda by clicking on the link below.

Show up and taste a piece of this technology with us.

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Session: SYN316 – Eliminate XenApp Server installations. Transition to automated delivery with new provisioning services features.

October 06, 4:30 pm

Elisabeth Teixeira
Principal Engineer - Worldwide Technical Readiness
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