As techies, it’s easy to get caught up with all the innovative technology that XenDesktop offers. But, let’s switch chairs and look at XenDesktop from a user perspective because it’s the user that must fully embrace virtual desktops. If not, it’s just another cool technology.

What exactly does the user want? Everything! The virtual desktop has to be easy, intuitive, fast, personalized, always available, and have rich graphics.

On Thursday, I’ll be presenting the Optimizing the Virtual Desktop User Experience TechTalk. In this session, we’ll walk through the user experience and point out specific ways to improve it. In some cases, it’s as simple as making the user interface more straightforward. In other cases, administrative decisions are required because bandwidth and hardware resources are typically at a premium.

While administration of XenDesktop is similar to XenApp in some ways, it is very different in others. For example, does the Desktop Viewer bar help or hinder your users? If it confuses more than it helps, then disable it. In this session, you won’t just hear about optimizations, but you’ll learn exactly how to configure them as well.

We’ll also spend some time getting our hands immersed in HDX. Just warning you that your fingers may get a little prune-y.

If by chance you can’t attend the session live on Thursday, the session will be recorded. If you register and don’t attend, you’ll be sent a link later that afternoon so that you can view the replay.

Be there on Thursday!

Jo Harder, Senior Architect