I just got done watching Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the other day. You know the story… Victor Frankenstein putting pieces together to create something new. It works, but it is not what Victor expected. In fact, it is so horrible that it scares everyone and destroys all who stand in its way. 

I also just got done having a discussion around virtual desktops (no, virtual desktops aren’t going to destroy everything). In this discussion, an organization using XenApp is asking the $1,000,000 question “How can I add virtual desktops to my XenApp implementation?”

It is actually quite easy, you create a virtual desktop, install Citrix Receiver, and away you go.  Great, right?  If we just add pieces together without thinking about things properly, we might end up with our own Frankenstein in the data center.

Let me ask you a question. If you go down this route, then why in the world do you need a desktop if all of your applications are running as hosted XenApp applications? 

In short, virtual desktops are going to allow us to get broader adoption of the virtualization solution throughout the organization. Applications are only part of the entire solution.  Users are more comfortable working in a desktop environment, so let’s give it to them. But how?

  • First, the integration is not hard, it just requires a proper analysis and design of your overall goals (this is the most common thing to do with a system design).
  • Second, we need to align our users needs with the solution (remember, one size does not fit all).
  • Third, we need to create an solution that is optimized and functional. 

This is a great discussion, which I’m sure you will get something out of.  The only caveat is you have to be register for Synergy Berlin and attend the session SYN320 – Add virtual desktops to your XenApp implementation the easy way!

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