The Application Streaming Profiler SDK has been around since App Streaming version 1.1 which was a point release follow up to Presentation Server 4.5.

It’s all COM and there are 2-3 files which make up the SDK.  Here’s the file list from version 1.2.  Yes, old now.

Where to get the SDK binaries

The SDK binaries are included off of a root level directory on the XenApp DVD Media.  Does anyone have DVD media?  We also provide download via the site.  Stick with me for a second.

Version of SDK has to match version of Streaming Profiler

The streaming profiler SDK didn’t exist when on the first release of the Streaming Profiler.  It came to be with version 1.1; if memory serves me correctly, it was actually released a bit after 1.1 released, but it was built to talk to that level of the streaming profiler back end.

The binaries for the SDK provide a COM interface that client applications can call to have the streaming profiler do things to create and update App Streaming profiles.  The client application is protected against changes to new programming versions (via COM), but the SDK implementation in the subject DLLs have to be installed and their version has to MATCH the version of the streaming profiler.

Who has DVD Media

On the theory that nobody has DVD media and on the theory that websites are easier to navigate and search compared to searching a bunch of DVDs, we also provide the profiler SDK via download location.

The download link for all of the streaming profiler SDKs is here.

Step 1 – Everything into a single download location

If we put the onus on the admin to install and register the “right” version of the Profiler SDK, it would sure be nice if we made them all easy to find. It would also be nice if the web site download page actually included a download link for the current stuff. Okay, rocks thrown at myself.

Update: Fixed

Step 2 – This should be INSTALLED as a part of the streaming profiler

I could even go as far to say that it should be installed as part of the Streaming CLIENT.  I’m not even sure that would work, but I expect it would do many things to enable client applications, without having the streaming profiler installed.  I vision examples of calls from PowerShell or other scriptable technology to inspect and manage App Streaming profiles without doing actual profiling. Parts here should work even on a client install.  Parts won’t – like actually running installers and capturing their output.

To focus on step 1, I’ve gathered up all the released SDKs and am working with our web friends to update the mycitrix download site.  Until that completes, if you’re looking for a specific version of the streaming profiler SDK – consult the full DVD media for the matching XenApp release.

Joe Nord

Citrix System Product Architect

Application Streaming, Profile Manager and XenVault