XenServer has the feature of Storage Adopter for managing Netapp/Equallogic Storage. This feature enable TCO reduction of Storage Management as you know.
When you configure (connect) Xenserver and Dell Equallogic Storage (iSCSI) through Storage Adopter in XenServfer,what we should know below.

You can separate the Management port from iSCSI data path port in Eqillogic Storage for security requirement and managing communication ( ordinary you should separate them ). The communications between XenServcr with storage adopter and Equallogic are below from the source ( you can read in Xenserver /opt/xensource )

1.   Xenserver connect the management port of the Equallogic w/SSH and get the information of data path port that Xenserver should connect. (Xenserver check if this information is correct or not based on the parameter in themselves).

2.   After process 1,  XenServer mount the SR on Equallogic through the data path port (w/iSCSI).

So Important point is that management port is required for communication for iSCSI data I/O.
If you does not separate the management port of Equallogic (use one port for both of management and data path ), the port is used for SSH for management and iSCSI for data path service.

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