The XenServer Master Classes are a great way to get insightful information about XenServer.  The classes last 1 hour and then as a bonus the presenters, Steve Benton and Lee Bushen, open the “mic” up to all participants to ask questions.  The Q&A sessions have lasted up to 2 hours and are highly interactive.

The schedule for the upcoming classes is:
EMEA: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 2PM BST with special guest Simon Crosby, Citrix CTO
US: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 2PM EDT with special guest Derek Slayton, XenServer PM

The topics for these classes are:

  • A deep dive to uncover the treasures within different storage technologies & how XenServer leverages each of them.
  • Live demos & discussions covering how XenServer works with different storage types, snapshots, backups, and other advanced subjects such as multipathing, storage trouble shooting and StorageLink.

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We will post previous Master Classes for on-demand viewing.  If you missed an earlier class or would like to review a class you have previously attended, you can find a class listing on the XenServer Master Class Events page.

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