I guess it’s time to debunk these rumors once and for all. In fact, we released a new hotfix today with full Office 2010 support. So, no, we’re not giving up on Application streaming.

I’ve been hearing these whispers that Citrix is going to end-of-life streaming ever since we announced the App-V Integration Kit. People jumped to the conclusion that this was a signal that App-V will replace the Citrix solution. It’s really just a recognition of the importance of application virtualization as a key part of any serious virtualization strategy. If customers want to use App-V in conjuction with XenDesktop and XenApp, why wouldn’t we want to make it easy for them to adopt the broadest possible virtualization footprint?

The real payoff for customers comes from virtualizing the whole delivery stack and managing the layers independently. Our stack of solutions, from XenServer to XenDesktop to XenApp to Profile Manager, etc. allows customers to divide and conquer the OS, apps and user data. This is a much better way to deliver apps than with traditional image management.

App virtualization a key part of any combination of virtualization technologies. We have customers using our own Application streaming solution to do this, as well as App-V. There’s no reason why we couldn’t even expand the list to other app virtualization solutions in the future, too. Regardless, Application streaming is here to stay.