How many times did you successfully complete a Proof of Concept (PoC) and you were asked to move it into production? I guess you faced such situations at least once and scratched your head and asked yourself “Should I?” or “Is there a feasible way?”.

Usually a Proof of Concept is being used just to prove a concept. After the proof was achieved, the environment is disposed and you start building it from scratch for a production environment including an architectural design. However, a lot of XenDesktop PoCs are implemented in either a production-like environment or even directly into a production environment. Why? Because you want to experience XenDesktop in your real world rather than in an ideal world, which is the lab environment. Therefore, the logical consequence of these type of PoCs are that remain in production and transition into a pilot with selected users and is being expanded to deliver desktops to the entire organization.

If you decide to move a PoC environment into a production environment, the upcoming TechTalk “How to migrate from PoC to Full Deployment” will provide insights into this process, highlight key considerations, and enlist best practices to complete it successfully.

Looking forward to meet you virtually at this TechTalk.


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