Chris Fleck recently hosted a webinar on the Citrix Receiver for iPhone & iPad which generated some questions regarding the functionality and features. I’ve answered as many as I can below.

The Webinar is located here.

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Q: When will the receiver for iPad support Smart Card? !smallblackberryapp.jpg|thumbnail,align=centre![T.B.]
A: We are currently looking into it , add your feature requests here

Q: I like the Citrix idea – but how would we manage multiple apps for iPad?  For example, this GoToWebinar couldn’t be joined from my iPad – users need ubiquitous access on the fly.[P.G]

A: iOS 4 for iPad should help in November

Q: Hello I got a Nokia movil 5530 which is running on Symbian OS, is there a Citrix client for it?[A.H.]

A: THe Client for Symbian is located here:

Q: Are there challenges to incorporate touch from i.e. iPad to a Windows 7 desktop?[Alex Chu] [A.C.]

A: CR provides a number of touch gestures into a Windows 7 XenDesktop , plus we continue to improve the usability .

Q: When you connected a SQL db (in PowerGadget) does it retrieve that data dynamically?[L.H]

A: This is selectable down to 5 second refresh intervals

Q: Is PowerGadgets available yet?  Thought it was being announced/released at Synergy?[D.L.]

A: Available now here

Q: Has Citrix Receiver and Power Gadgets been implemented with Oracle BI Apps yet?  To make dashboards more accessible for example.[P.G.]

A: PowerGadgets does support Oracle databases ,[ check here|] for more info

Q: Why doesn’t the CAG apply policies to iPads in the same way as it does to desktops – we don’t appear to be able to prevent cut and paste on iPads [S.S.]

A: Smart Access Filters will be supported in an upcoming release

Q: What is the minimal version of XenApp that the receiver will work with?[C.L.]

A: XenApp 4.5 is the minimum supported version.  (Prior versions of XenApp are in an EOL status) although earlier versions should work.

Q: The receiver for iPad does not support arrow keys and other keyboard shortcut keys – has that been addressed?[P.M.]

A: We are investigating this to determine the proper way to implement and remain within Apple’s guidelines.

Q: Is the Receiver a free client?[C.L.]

A: Yes, Citrix Receiver is free. You can download it from the App Store for iPad/iPhone. You can also download Receiver for other platforms from

Q: So…I have an apple wireless keyboard but I am not able to type inside the MSWord that I already launched via Citrix Receiver on my iPad is this normal behavior?[E.T.]

A: The physical keyboard must be invoked by either 3 finger tapping the screen or tapping the menu, then keyboard.

Q: Does Citrix Receiver support two-factor authentication?[R.G.]

A: Two Factor authentication such as RSA is supported with Access Gateway Standard, Advanced and Enterprise Editions.

Q: Is there a way to filter which apps shows up on a device with Receiver?  It looks like it is all or nothing[I.K.]

A: The following KB article may assist –

Q: If the Web Interface cannot be used, what is the preferred situation for 2 factor authentication including domain credentials and RSA?[S.B]

A: Using with an Access Gateway Stanard, Advanced or Enterprise Edition will allow two factor authentication to be implemented.

Q: Does it support wildcard SSL cert?[L.N.]

A: Yes, wildcard certificates are fully supported.

Q: What are the plans around providing Smart Access feature ?[V.P.]

A: Smart Access support is currently on the roadmap, we do not have an ETA at this time.

Q: Will Receiver for iPhone/iPad work through Netscaler? [L.N.]

A: Yes, Receiver works through Netscaler when Netscaler is running an AGEE VServer

Q: Is there a minimum version of the Citrix Access Gateway required to use the Citrix Receiver?[C.C.]

A: Access Gateway Standard Edition 4.5.8 or higher, Access Gateway Enteprise Edition 8.1 and higher, Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5 with SP5

Q: Can you specify SAFEWORD or VASCO (RADIUS) as 2-factor authentication ?  I think I only noticed RSA.[C.M.]

A: Safeword and VASCO may work by configuring the Receiver for RSA authentication and the Gateway to use RADIUS authentication.

Q: Is the older Secure Gateway platform compatible with Citrix Receiver?[Multiple]

A: Secure Gateway 3.x is fully supported and compatible with the Receiver.  You may need to upgrade Web Interface to version 5.x

Q: Do you need to have the gateway or can you just generate a URL that points at the web interface site?[C.P.]

A: The Receiver can work directly against a Web Interface site that has a XenApp Services site configured.

Q: Access Gateway as VM -> is this also supported on ESX and/or Hyper-V ?[C.M]

A: Access Gateway Standard Edition 5.0 will be available for ESX early Q4

Q: Can encryption be implemented for Receiver?[P.G.]

A: Receiver supports SSL encryption as well as ICA encryption.

Q: We’ve got a hardware Citrix Access Gateway 4.x.  Can we make this work with it or do we need to get a whole new CAG?[P Thompson] [P.T.] 

A: Access Gateway 4.5 is the minimum version supported, you should be able to upgrade your existing CAG to 4.5 or 4.6

Q: It is necessary to have a Citrix access gateway or does we can use any type of access gateway, for example Microsoft Forefront?[K.K]

A: Receiver supports SSL connections through Citrix Access Gateway or Secure Gateway only – you can also connect without a gateway on the same network as the XenApp servers and using NAT.   Microsoft Forefront has not been tested.

Q: If a Netscaler is being used, a middle man server is required between the NetScaler and the WI, correct?   What additional licensing is required?[S.B.]

A: Netscaler does not require a middleman server if an Access Gateway Enterprise Edition VServer is enabled on the Netscaler.   This should not require an additional license.

Q: What is the minimum version of XenApp supported? Are earlier versions supported? [Multiple]

A: XenApp 4.5 for Windows is the earliest version officially supported, earlier versions should work but are not officially supported as the products have reached end of life. XenApp 4.0 for Unix is also supported.

Q: Can the Receiver be used with a XenDesktop 2.1 with CAG and AAC server?[S.P.]

A: This may work as long as CAG and AAC are version 4.5 or higher.

Q: Can the receiver be implemented with RSA security?[F.G]

A: RSA SecureID is supported when used with an Access Gateway Standard, Advanced or Enterprise Edition.

Q: Can we use Citrix Receiver to remote access a real desktop machine inside the corporate network, rather than a virtual desktop image?[S.L.]

A: You can publish the Microsoft Terminal Services Client on your XenApp server to connect to any desktop that has RDP enabled.

Q: Through and iPad is their right click capability?[M.R.]

A: Yes, tap and hold in a session for right click.

Q: Can you prevent cut and paste on iPad [S.S.]

A: XenApp Policies to disable clipboard mapping can be applied to sessions where the client name matches iOS_

Q: Is there any extra configuration required for it to work with the RSA softtoken app?[F.G.]

A: No configuration ins needed on the Receiver as long as the RSA Softtokens are implemented in your environment and work outside of Receiver.

Q: To use the Receiver does a PNA site have to be created on XenDesktop or XenApp [S.P.]

A: A XenApp Services (PNAgent) site must be created on a Web Interface server, it does not have to be the XenDesktop or XenApp server.

Q: Will Golden Gate be compatible with Lotus Notes.[M.T.]

A: Feature request

Q: But the gateway is not free[C.P.]

A: VPX is available here.. (must be logged into MyCitrix)

Q: Will Nirvana Phone be available for the Blackberry?[L.H.]

A: Not currently , video out capability is required

Q: With the Nirvana phone…does the Apple cable charge the phone as well?[B.L.]

A: No , not with the current cable

Q: With the Nirvana Phone do you just use the iPhone screen for mouse control?  Right click ability?[M.R.]

A: Currently the iPhone can be used for navigation , full interface is under development.

Q: Any tool that helps, via supplied parms, programmatically convert desktop apps to iPhone apps (form factor)?[J.K.]

A: AppSense can help automate profiles to dynamically switch between desktop and mobile.

Q: Regarding the Nirvana phone concept, if I already own an iphone3gs or iphon4 with video out capabilities (or an iPad) and I already have XenDesktop with provisioned desktops, why cant I start doing this already? or can I?[R.A.]

A: You can do this now with iPhone 4 , although navigation is limited.

Q: is there anyway to add a mouse (blue tooth) to an iPad without jail breaking the device?[J.A.]

A: Not currently , but you can use an iphone as a trackpad..

Q: So, I would need to configure the appearance of Lotus Notes for each type device, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, etc, [M.K.]

A: For each resolution device , correct

Q: If you have Outlook and Word as published apps, and the user is in Outlook on the iPad and has a Word attachment in the e-mail. If the user tries to open the Word attachment in Outlook, will it spawn the separate Word published app and open the attachment in it, or will it simply not work ?[D.S.]

A: It will spawn a new Word session and open the attachment.

Q: How many concurrent applications can I run on iPad device?[B.M.]

A: Currently a single session only. If you are using XenDesktop you can have multiple apps within the session.

Q: If I have a mortgage app, running in Citrix, I simply need to configure the appearance of that app for each type device, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, etc.  Is this a correct assumption? [M.K.]

A: You need to consider each device resolution and if multiple versions are not needed.

Q: With Outlook or Golden Gate will the user be notified when new mail arrives?[R.B.]

A: Not in the initial version
Q: Is there a eta on release date on golden gate.[C.T.]

A: Stay tuned..

Q: Is there a eta on release date on golden gate.[C.T.]

Stay tuned..

Q: Can he show what an app looks like on a Blackberry?[L.H.]