One of my roles as a Technology Evangelist here at Citrix, is to promote our developer programs to the development community and part of that is creating some open source projects for the community to contribute to.
We have had a good start by posting source code on our blogs, but by doing that, it makes it extremely difficult to enable the community as a whole, to contribute back to the project for the benefit of all. That’s what this short post is about.

Since the start of Workflow Studio, we have been posting Workflow Activities in our workflow developer center. Most of the source code to the activity libraries are free to download from the Workflow Developer Center, but to contribute any changes back to the into the library was pretty difficult. It is to that end that we have created an open source project consisting of most of the activities that are available from the download site, but the difference here is that You can contribute back to the project. We dont have an activity that you need, you now have the freedom to go build it, and add it into the open source project for others to use.

The Citrix Workflow Studio Community Activities is hosted on and we are looking for contributors! We want everyone to contribute all you need is passion, entry level to experienced it doesn’t matter!

Contribute and help build a Workflow Activities library that everyone wants!

Visit the Citrix Workflow Studio Community Activities codeplex project here.

As always, send me your feedback. You can ping me on twitter @johnmcbride or you can email me.