At Synergy Berlin next month, I’m scheduled to present the session, “XenDesktop vs. VMware View: how do they compare?” I hope to see you there!

I’ve done a number of sessions at Citrix events, and they all have their challenges. For example:

  • Corporate strategy sessions: Remember “Access Infrastructure?” I had one of the first sessions where we explained what it meant and how it impacted our strategy. Lots of hand-waving, Ven diagrams and big red dots. Problem: too abstract.
  • Roadmap sessions: I’ve done several of these. People walk in very eager to hear what’s coming. I pull together awesome details from all the amazing things the engineers are working on. And then I have to remove 98.6% of it due to financial and legal concerns. I think we’ve gotten better at finding ways to share what’s coming next, but it’s always a moving target. Problem: content is too sensitive.
  • Competitive sessions: These can be great fun. With the amount of in-house and 3rd party testing we’ve been doing, there’s lots of good info to share. Audiences are eager to hear what you have to say. But it’s a fine line between sharing info and being negative, between being direct and calling someone out. And the hardest part is being called out by a competitor, and either biting your tongue or responding in kind. Problem: walking a tightrope.

So, what do I plan to do for Synergy Berlin? I’m going to layout what we’ve seen in our tests. I’ll tell you what our customers are telling us. I’ll talk about some of the things we know our competitors are saying about us and why we think they’re wrong. I’ll even talk about where we think the competition does well.

In other words, I’ll try to dance on the tightrope as best I can. Want to see whether I walk the line or fall off one side in dramatic fashion? Learn more about Synergy Berlin, look up my session and let me know how I did!