Every summer Citrix hires college bound students to work as summer interns.  This year I had the pleasure of hosting three interns in my department, one of which was my daughter Danielle.  Lauren N., Danielle & Lauren G. had just graduated high school and would head off to their first year of college after working with us over the summer.  I was very interested in getting their perspective on our BYOC program.  These “youngsters” will be coming into the workplace in a few years so I wanted their viewpoint.  We told them to bring their laptops to work and we would show them how they can be part of the BYOC program here at Citrix.  On their first day after a few introductions and an overview of Citrix we provided them written instructions on how to ready their laptop. They were pretty impressed how easy it was to download and install the Citrix Receiver which allowed them to access their Citrix account and see their applications. After a week or two I asked them to work with our Citrix TV team and create a video of their thoughts on the program.  They created a storyboard that captured their perspective and worked with the Citrix TV team to record and edit the video.  I was impressed with their concept for the video which captured their perspective on the program.  One of the Citrix TV team members, Jordan,  was also an intern who worked on the video.  We have posted this 90 second video on Citrix TV which can be seen here:

I wish our interns good luck in their first year of college and hope to see them all back again next summer.