The recent release candidates for Citrix XenClient come with an experimental feature known as Secure Application Sharing.  It’s also been referred to as seamless applications.  So what exactly is it, and how can you use it to be even more productive with XenClient?

Imagine you have your customized personal VM running on XenClient with all your favorite personal apps running.  And you also have a business VM running at the same time that has all your work documents.  Your company has strict policies that you cannot run or store personal applications and data in this business environment.  But, you want flexibility.  You want to be able to work as you want, as you please, and be productive at the same time – you want the XenClient formula of Flexibility, Security and Performance. 

Enter Secure Application Sharing capability of Citrix XenClient.  This capability allows you to securely subscribe to applications published by other VMs.  It’s a complete self-service model that uses Citrix Dazzle.  See the user guide on how to set it up.

Take the picture below.

The “active focus VM” here is your customized personal VM, and “Business 1” and “Business 2” are the VMs that your IT department has given to you – and that you downloaded from the Citrix Synchronizer, correct?  These business VMs are enabled to publish business applications installed on them locally, and you subscribe to them from your personal VM using Citrix Dazzle.  All you need to do is enable “Subscribe to Applications” in the experimental tab of your personal VM settings.  Once subscribed, you can start the subscribed business applications right from your personal VM, and they will securely (and seamlessly) be displayed and interacted with in your personal VM.  Note, they will run locally in the VM that published them, in this case your business VMs. 

Now, what if you were completely immersed in the Citrix experience and had applications streamed to your business VMs?  No problem.  This “double-hop” scenario is supported as well.  The applications could have been hosted, and that would also work just great.

And, as a very effective presenter puts it, “one last thing”.  Don’t like the color and width of the border of the published applications in your customized personal environment?  You can change that in 3 simple steps.

  1. In the publishing VM, start registry editor and navigate to  HKLM\Software\Citrix\PortICA\Border on a 32-bit OS VM or HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\PortICA\Border on a Windows 7 64-bit VM.
  2. Change the color to what you like (Blue, Green or Red) to FF, and change the width to a value greater than 0.
  3. Reboot your publishing VM.

Give Secure Application Sharing a try, and head over to the support forums to discuss this great capability.  And don’t forget to tweet about it when you use Secure Application Sharing (maybe via a published twitter application?).