In my last blog entry Profile Streaming – Performance Gain? we looked at the performance increase when using the new profile streaming feature that ships with Profile management (Pm) v3.

We know it works because we tracked the logon time using perfmon but curious minds might ask the following question:

“ok,so how do I know this streaming profile stuff is actually working?”

well luckily enough – there is. 3 ways in fact!

1.The quickist and easiest way to do this is to look at the properties of the user profile. In the example below you will notice the size of the profile is >100MB but the size on disk is <7MB.

2.You can also use the dir /al command to list all files with reparse point attributes (Remember, the key to our profile streaming/fetch on demand design is the use of reparse points on files. Reparse points fool applications and users alike into thinking that the files are downloaded as part of the user profile at logon).

the screenshot below shows the L swith listed when running dir /? from a win7 machine. This is a hidden switch on XP, W2K3 but the functionality still exists.

Bottom line, If profile streaming is disabled, running dir /al on a folder containing files within the user profile, will return “file not found”.

3.Finally, you can confirm profile streaming is enabled for a particular user by reviewing the Pm log file (If enabled). To verify that the profile is being streamed look for the following:

2010-03-16;20:17:30.401;INFORMATION;<domain name>;<user name>;2;2364;ProcessLogon: User logging on with Streamed Profile support enabled.

You convinced yet?

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