So a week has past since our last update and some things have changed and some “lessons” have been learned.

First change:
Our timeslot has changed due to some agenda conflict (apparently Rob and I can not be doing this session and host a Learning Lab at the same time ) So the new time slot is Wednesday @9:00 AM. Now I do understand this is early, it’s even before the grand opening keynote but he, the early bird catches the worm. In other words, if you want to see some nice demos and listen to Dutch guys show off the beauty of the vAlliance I am sure you will manage to find us.

Update on the build of the session:

Lessons learned 1:
Well, let’s just say that some things did not pane out as planned. For one apparently Windows 2008R2 does not like to run from eSATA disk. This meant I had to delete my XenClient install and install W2K8R2 natively on the local SSD instead of the planned external SATA disk (bummer). FYI it does show the external disk it will just refuse to install onto it. Perhaps if the internal disk would have been formatted with NTFS it would have but XenClient does not use NTFS natively so XenClient RC2 will have to wait for me until after Synergy (time lost: 4 hours).

Lessons learned 2:
When you plan to install MSSQL + SCVMM + SCCM + SCOM on 1 server be very carefull when installing IIS related features. We had to reinstall WSUS on the alternative ports due it conflicting with one of the other services running on the server (time lost: 4 hours).

Lessons learned 3:
When you think about cutting corners and re-using the Hyper-V vhd file with an updated Windows 2008 R2 install (aka just copying the vhd and assigning it when creating the new VM) make sure you run Sysprep and tick the box “Generalize”, this will give it a new SID and will ensure a succesfull install of SCVMM (time lost: 4 hours).

On a brighter note these last 3 days have taught me a few more things as well:

  • QoS is a wonderfull thing when you want to listen to online radio when also updating your WSUS servers.
  • Routers have a session limit so be careful what else is going across the wire
  • Make sure you have downloaded all the correct ISO’s, sometimes the latest is not always the right one so always check the release notes of the products you will be installing (MSSQL R2 was not yet certified).

So where are we now? Well we are down to combining the multiple components, we have the System Center products working, we have XenApp working as well as XenDesktop so now it’s time to tie SCCM to App-V to XenApp, Edgesight into SCOM and anything else we would like to show off.

If you have suggestions or would like to see specific thing twitter me @andreasvw or Rob @robsanders or just leave a reply below. We will see what we can accomplish.