This weekend I tried to run a Netscaler VPX on XenClient RC2 because a colleague asked if it is possible to do just for some demo purposes.

Therefore I downloaded XenClient RC2 ( and also a Netscaler VPX as an .XVA file ( for XenServer ( XenServer rocks ). The question now is how to create a VHD file from the XVA file to run it on XenClient.
Several possibilities you can choose for that. One is to use XenConovert to convert the XVA into a VHD file. Another option is to use Project Kensho. But I have choosen the simple way which is just importing the XVA file to a XenServer with attached shared NFS storage. The import is quite fast and the result is a VHD file hosted on a NFS based file share.

Now I simply copied the newly created VHD file from the NFS share onto my XenClient installation to


and created a new virtual machine on XenClient. It doesn’t matter which size for the disk you select when creating the virtual machine because after creation you will delete the disk and replace it with you Netscaler VHD file.

When your virtual machine is created you can simply change the VHD file attached to the new VM with the NetScaler VHD file you copied onto your XenClient machine. Therefore notice the UUID of the created VHD file, delete the VHD file and rename the NetScaler VHD file to <UUID>.vhd. Thats it!

Now you can start the virtual machne using Receiver for XenClient and “tataaa”, there is a running NetScaler VPX on a XenClient RC2. The NetScaler VM come already with working Tools so that you can run all operations like start, stop or suspend on the virtual machine in XenClient.

If you would like to do Demos on that you can install a second VM on XenClient, start a browser and connect to the NetScaler VPX.

Have fun…