At Synergy San Francisco we held the inaugural Citrix CTO crystal ball session where a number of the CTO Office team presented ideas and demos of future technologies and directions. At Berlin we’ll be doing the same thing and raising the bar again on the demo’s and topics covered. Look forward to seeing Simon Crosby, Harry Labana, Kurt Roemer and I present with some pretty cool demos.

I’ll be covering mobility, and specifically some new directions we are taking that may surprise you. For example Citrix has had a strategy where we have provided a version of Receiver for practically any mobile device and we continue on that path. However in the last three years the explosion of new smartphone platforms has enabled numerous new possibilities as to how we can deliver enterprise content to these new phones. The always on connectivity and decent screen real estate are key drivers.

In the session I’ll demonstrate how an Enterprise developer can write a touch enabled application that is published from a XenApp server, and accessed from a range of devices, both Smartphone and tablets. So if you have a problem with your CIO or CEO demanding support for iPhones, Blackberry, Android, WebOS and other yet to be invented tablets and Smartphones, then this is the session for you.

You can find more information on the CTO Crystal Ball session here
Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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