Security has been blamed as the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. Organizational leaders are walking into IT departments with their brand new iPads and demanding access to the network from these convenient devices. And, the beast known as compliance continues to breathe down our necks.

Whether you’re primarily concerned about the cloud, endpoint protection or data security, one thing is for sure – security is broken. Organizations routinely spend way too much on security measures that mostly serve to frustrate users, while contributing little to the overall security of truly sensitive data. And, legacy security practices such as end-to-end ownership, malware signatures and full physical isolation continue to be challenged by end-user demands, highly evolved attacks and new usage patterns.

All is not doom and gloom though – virtualization presents some innovative ways to respond to these business challenges and transcend security challenges that have plagued computing for decades.

In the CTO Crystal Ball session at Synergy Berlin, I’ll be demonstrating the following security trends and more:

  • Situational Security – protective measures that are fine-tuned to specific data needs and context
  • BAOC (Bring Any Old Computer) – providing realtime device control to take endpoint security concerns out of the equation
  • Flying through the Clouds – architecting true multitenant and mixed-mode data cloud security

Please join me along with Harry Labana, Martin Duursma, and Simon Crosby from the Citrix CTO office as we look into the future at Synergy Berlin!

More info on this demo-filled session and the CTO team’s prognostication can be found in the session catalog. Also check out the Synergy website for more details on the conference.