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When the dynamic datacenter hits the dynamic desktop beautiful things can happen.
Automation is the best way to save costs, cutting out the human factor as much as possible in IT by automating things makes the environment more stable, more secure and much more flexible. So what if we combine the power of System Center with XenDesktop and XenApp. Come and see for yourself during this 50 minute live demonstration.

Intrigued? Good, that’s what I was shooting for when I wrote this 2 months ago when I entered my session for Synergy Berlin. And guess what? I made it; on Wednesday October 6th @15:30 Rob Sanders and I will be showcasing how you can manage your FlexCast Infrastructure with Microsoft Systems Center. As to not bore you to death with PowerPoint we have decided to do everything live on stage which as you can imagine will bring its own challenges. This week Rob will be visiting my place for 3 days so we can discuss all the needed demo’s/hardware/etc etc as to bring the best possible session. So if you would like to keep updated on our progress we will be using twitter and this blog.

Rob Sanders = @robsanders
Me = @andreasvw

Also if you want to be witness to this session make sure you register for Synergy and this session here .

FYI we are taking donations of items to be sacrificed to the demo gods just prior to this session, we do not want Murphy to show its head now do we