Part of my job here at Citrix, as a Technology Evangelist, is to find interesting, community led initiatives and help to communicate them out to a broader audience. Now, that can be open source projects, Community led Citrix sites, or just interesting free Citrix tools that make our lives as administrators/developers easier (and fun, lets face it ).

I have recently come across one of those community led projects!

It’s an IRC channel that is focused on providing help to Citrix Users, Questions can be from general admin type questions to configuration based issues or even some development questions, it’s up to you. You make the channel!

You can also find support for the channel at citrixirc at gmail dot com or find them on twitter at @citrixirc

Here are just a few of the channel admins and frequent channel contributors that are helping build the Citrix community via this channel.

  • Blake Burgess
  • Kirill Davydychev
  • Ryan Gallier
  • Jarian Gibson
  • Shane Kleinert
  • Jim Moyle
  • Patrick Reynolds

To join the channel, visit and start participating in the conversation

If you know of any other items like this, community led initiatives, let me know! You can ping me via email at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com or you can message me on twitter at @johnmcbride

Have Fun!