In the continuing effort to help our Customers with self-service articles for non-technical related material, the following top 10 Customer Service articles have been posted to the Citrix Support Knowledge Center. We hope you find the articles helpful, quick and easy to use.

Article Number Article Title
CTX126172 How to Verify a Service Agreement Entitlement
CTX126170 Licensing Your Product
CTX126168 How to Assign a Retail License to XenServer 5.6 via XenCenter
CTX126171 Subscription Advantage Renewal and Quote Creation Guide
CTX126199 Verifying and Fulfilling Product Upgrade Entitlements
CTX126200 Where to Locate and Download Product Software
CTX126207 How to Retrieve Your MyCitrix Login Information
CTX126194 How to Open a Service Request to Merge Accounts
CTX126336 How to Update Company and Contact Information on MyCitrix
CTX126159 How to Create a One-Time Technical Support Incident Using MyCitrix

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