We’ve just released for download a new version of Receiver for Windows and Mac that will help you rollout applications and desktops faster, simplify Citrix client management, and unify user experience with Citrix.

What’s new with 2.0?

✓ A great new experience for Mac users with fully integrated secure access with Access Gateway and a updated Online plug-in with several great new feature including multi-monitor support and improved XenDesktop viewing.
✓ Simplified deployment of Receiver to managed computers that eliminates the need for users to authenticate to configure their desktop or receive updates.
✓ Smoother operation when Windows users roam to hotspots or other offsite locations.
✓ The ability to install Antivirus software and ensure end-point security before allowing access to applications and desktops.
✓ Easier Active Directory integration with Merchandising Sever.
✓ Updated installer packagers to smplify off network installation of Receiver by remote workers.

Visit Citrix eDocs for more details and download today from My Citrix.

Learn more about Citrix Receiver for Windows and Mac

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