I can’t wait for VMworld, next week. It will be fantastic to meet good friends in the virtualization industry, and to feel the freezing fog of San Francisco. And with any luck, I’ll be able to breeze through the halls of the virtualization glitterati undetected, even though my accent bears similarities to that of Mr. Maritz. While on that topic, I sometimes wonder why the Southern African subcontinent has such a striking presence in the world of virtualization: many of the EC2 crew, Paul Maritz, the chaps at Nimbula, and, far behind, me.

I’m also excited about some VMworld sessions. One in particular caught my attention. It’s being run by the VMware minister of misinformation, Eric Horschmann. I’ve crossed swords with him before, and the only thing that’s remarkable is that he’s still hard at it, peddling his view of the future of IT. I call it Horsch-IT. So, if you want to know which will be the hottest session at VMworld, here it is:

PA9449 – Session Title: Winning Against Server Virtualization Competitors: Leading with VMware Strengths, Handling Objections, and Setting Traps

Schedule Information: Tuesday, 2:00 PM (Room: Moscone West Room 3014)
US Speaker: Mark Chuang Group Manager, Product Marketing, VMware, Inc.
Eric Horschman Product Marketing Director, VMware, Inc.

Abstract: (VMware Partners only) Attend this session to learn how to clearly articulate VMware’s advantages in the datacenter and put the competition on the defensive. We’ll demonstrate VMware’s cost advantage against so-called “free” offerings and debunk the most common claims made by competitors. We’ll also show you how to set RFP/POC traps for Microsoft and Citrix that will make it impossible for them to win the deal.

For those (VMware Partners only) that attend this session, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at XenServer customers, where, it seems (given our download rates, and the number of clouds over 10,000 servers that we’ve built this year) there appears to be no issue understanding that Free = Free always. I love springing my friend Mr Horschmann’s traps. To be perfectly honest, I’m looking forward to seeing him fall into his own trap.