Broward Health Delivers Secured Desktops with XenDesktop

  • XenDesktop supporting 450 employees in multiple hospital settings.
  • Performance of environment supports high quality digital imaging.
  • Enables use of low cost, low power thin clients.

Nonprofit healthcare provider Broward Health, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is one of the 10 largest public healthcare systems in the nation, with a community that includes four medical centers and 32 clinics accounting for about 7,000 desktops.

As portrayed in a recent InformationWeek article, Broward has deployed XenDesktop to 450 users in its hospital system. Key requirements were to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules while allowing access on any IT approved device, independent of OS type or performance profile. XenDesktop ensures that patient data is kept secured at all times in the Data Center and delivered to endpoints by an encrypted channel.

Broward has also found XenDesktop well suited for Digital images, such as X-rays, allowing them to deploy easy to maintain, low cost thin clients in multiple hospitals within the system. Also, as new devices such as netbooks and tablets begin to appear at Broward Health, IT can leverage XenDesktop to deliver virtual desktops to these new devices securely without touching the infrastructure.

Healthcare environments are a natural spot for XenDesktop to show its colors. Data is 100% secure but user experience is maintained on any device without overburdening the data network. This is hugely important as health care professionals depend on instant access to patient information and digital imaging to ensure that they deliver the best possible care.