As part of the Ask the Architect program, I’ve received many emails from people who are designing and implementing a XenDesktop solution. One thing I noticed is that many of these discussions are focused on the SMB space (500 or fewer desktops).  Many of the desktop virtualization projects I’ve been involved with focus on 10,000+ desktops. These then turned into reference designs (ABC School District), which I’m sure you have read.  So what’s so different with the SMB space?

A lot.  There are fewer requirements, fewer users, fewer applications, fewer everything.  We don’t have as big of a need for all of the functionality we get with XenDesktop. This also simplifies the overall design. In fact, many of the responses I’ve given via the Ask the Architect email are similar in nature. Do this, don’t do that, and so on.  To help everyone out, we’ve created the Desktop Virtualization Architecture for the SMB.  This is your blue print. This is how you should start your design. It gives you the foundation but doesn’t sacrifice fault tolerance or user experiences.

What should you do now? 

  1. Get the blue print, which is included in the XenDesktop Design Handbook within the reference architecture section
  2. Grab the Execution Plan, which is also in the XenDesktop Design Handbook in the Implementation Guides section
  3. Watch and participate in the SMB Discussions, which will start happening shortly

Looking forward to hearing about your successes and questions.

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