Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with our products. We are working on multiple items to help make it easier to find answers and solve problems via self-service avenues, all of which are available to all our Partners and Customers to leverage.

Our Customer Service and Licensing teams receive plenty of calls on a weekly basis covering anything from how to download a license via Mycitrix to how to upload a license via the XenApp 6.0 license administration console.

The team have been working hard over the past few months to get as much self-service material as possible added to the Citrix Knowledge Center and Citrix TV. I’m delighted to be able to share some of that great material with you today.

Licensing a product can sometimes be tricky, especially when you have to entered a cAsE sEnSiTiVe hostname to fulfill your subscription. The goal of these videos is to provide quick and easy solutions to common questions.

Below are an example of some of the great videos added toCitrix TV recently, based on the most common questions received via the Customer Service/Licensing teams on a daily basis. More to come over the next few weeks.

How To: Add a .xslic License File to XenServer via XenCenter

How To: Access the Configuration Utility of an Access Gateway Enterprise NetScaler 7000

How To: Access the Citrix Access Gateway Admin Portal

How To: Retrieve Branch Repeater VPX Express Licenses

How To: Assign a XenServer License via XenCenter

How To: Add the License Administration Console to XenApp 6.0 via XenServer

How To: Add a License File to the License Administration Console via XenApp 6.0

If you have any feedback about any of these videos or suggestions for new videos, please add to comments below. Thanks.

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