The mobile computing frenzy continues with iPhone 4! But does the fanaticism have to be in my home? After much research, wringing of hands and swallowing an additional cost for our data plan, my wife has decided to “go to the dark side” as she puts it. She is the “anti-trendy” and when she decided to buy the iPhone it came as a surprise… but actually deciding to make the purchase and having an iPhone in your hand is quite another story.

She has a new daily ritual that includes walking the dog… and her husband; grabbing her coffee and calling the Apple Store with the question of the day, “Do you have any iPhone shipments yet?” My son offered to sell her his iPhone 3 which would give him the funds to buy the iPhone 4 but nothing doing… once she’s made up her mind, that’s the end of it. And so, for the past two weeks, she’s been getting up and doing the same thing over and over again. Calling and asking, “Do you have any iPhone 4 shipments?” is starting to border on stalking the poor guy at the Apple store. We plan our nightly (and daily) trips around town so we will be closer to the Apple store “just in case” the answer is ever “Yes we have it in stock!”.

We got really close one day when the Apple store answered, “We just got a partial shipment (80 phones), but you better hurry or they will all be gone.” That was at 11:00 AM. By 3:00 PM they were sold out again. I’m starting to wonder if my wife and I will be taking vacation time just to stand outside the store to… wait a minute…take vacation to stand outside a store so I can PAY for a phone and then PAY more money to AT&T so my wife can be the proud owner of the hottest phone on the market? Uh… yeah I guess so.

Has the world really changed so much that we need our iPhone fix, the Apple Store to get my cool new apps and a data plan that costs me more than I’ve ever paid… Uh… yeah I guess so!

But why? What is so earth shattering about this new thing that we’ve gotta have it, need it, wanna use it, can’t live without it? I’ve finally come to the realization from a user’s perspective that instant connectivity (to everything – not just voice) means… I can’t do the stuff I want to do without this technology. Isn’t this ultimately the promise of THE CLOUD?

Well maybe there is more than one way to skin this cat (aka Droid), but the point is my wife’s world IS mobile and she needs to carry it with her. She still thinks it’s only a phone by the way (in spite of the fact that she’s already chosen 10 apps to load on it from the Apple store)… I haven’t told her yet it has more processing power, screen resolution and total capabilty than the old PC in her office.

Shhhhhh, don’t say a word or she might be stalking the Apple guy again for an iPad . Oops… gotta go, I think my wife just got some news from the Apple store.