XenClient is dramatically changing the world of client virtualization and you can find out all about it at Synergy Berlin. In my session on XenClient our bare metal client hypervisor I’ll mix product demos and presentation to dive into the technology, how it works, and best practices for deploying it inside your organization. I’ll cover everything from use on a single laptop all the way to delivering images to a whole fleet of systems with the Synchronizer for XenClient.

And then our very own Xen guru Ian Pratt is doing a great session where he will get even deeper into the software and hardware technology that powers XenClient. And then of course we want you to try the product as well. So we have some great hands on training, plenty of live demo systems, and a set of experts from product management, engineering, and the field to answer the toughest questions you might have.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin! If you are not already coming what are you waiting for register here today.