We have delivered the Tech Talk on Essentials for using Windows PowerShell with XenApp and XenDesktop and both the recording and presentation are now available for viewing. We also have a separate blog for the Q&A from the session.

Session Description
Learn how to simplify your XenApp and XenDesktop administration using simple but effective PowerShell scripts. This session will provide a high-level overview of the PowerShell SDK for XenDesktop 4 and XenApp 6, and will focus primarily on live demos of PowerShell scripts for automating various aspects of these environments.

Programming knowledge is not required – an administrator with a basic scripting background can leverage the knowledge gained in this session and put it to use within their own environment. We hope to see you there!

Reference Materials
Mike and I have started to put together a blog series on the XenDesktop and XenApp PowerShell SDKs to be used as reference materials for the Tech Talk. If you haven’t already seen them, feel free to check out the links below. We will be giving live demos of several of the scripts mentioned as part of these blogs.

XenDesktop 4 PowerShell SDK blog series – by Ed York

XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK blog series – by Mike Bogobowicz

About the Presenters
Ed York – Senior Architect – Worldwide Technical Readiness
Ask-the-Architect Site: http://community.citrix.com/p/product-automation#home
Follow Ed on twitter: http://twitter.com/citrixedy

Mike Bogobowicz – Principal Consultant – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
Blog Site: http://community.citrix.com/blogs/citrite/michaelbog
Follow Mike on twitter: http://twitter.com/mcbogo