I had to have my Admin pull some of it off of my face the other day.  It was on my clothes, in my hair and stuck to me like glue.  Well that wasn’t the web I really meant to talk about.  That was a series of spider webs I’d walked through this morning with my wife by my side and my Great Dane in tow… The (other) World Wide Web is the prefix of millions of typed in sites everyday… www.everything.com.  Which by the way is a real web site and as near as I can tell a retail outlet.

The mobile world wide web is an interesting barometer of where we are going for all things web based.  If you just look at some of the most recent announcements you get a real feel for how people are taking advantage of this new information-rich-age.  Start with the Microsoft press release back in February regarding the launch of Windows Phone 7.  Whether you believe Microsoft is late to the smart phone market or not, they are spending boat loads on the development of this platform.

And then, many believe as the result of a tremendously successful iPhone launch, Apple was propelled past Microsoft in May (for the first time ever) in terms of market cap.  But something else happened that month and it has to do with Google overtaking Apple in terms of the total mobile operating systems/smart phones shipped.  On May 10th, Market Watch reported that Android mobile operating system passed the iPhone… and hasn’t looked back since.  What is so bizarre is that Android is the brain child of the largest search engine company in the world…Isn’t it? I wonder what they are doing in mobile devices?  Hmmm, could it be that this playing ground will shape the future of all applications and information?

Not to be outdone by the rest of the world, Oracle recently entered into the mobile space.  “What?” you might say, “Oracle doesn’t have anything to do with mobility, do they?”  Ah contraire, they have a great deal to do with it.  As a result of their acquisition of Sun, now Java is in the hands of Larry Ellison and it turns out he believes Google may have some Java based patent infringements.  This in light of Android quickly becoming one of the hot new stars in the land of mobile applications developers.

The seesaw continues to rock back and forth.  Now, AT&T has produced an app on the iPhone that allows their TV subscribers on the U-Verse system to watch piped-in programming from the iPhone… but you have to be an AT&T customer and you have to be a U-Verse subscriber.

Maybe somebody should develop a technology that allows all of these devices to talk to each other and not have to worry about which operating system or network they are on.  Don’t you think that would be a good idea?  Wait a minute, Citrix already has!  Can you imagine the power a service provider would have with this technology?  I can’t quite figure out why everyone isn’t using the Mobile Reciever from Citrix.  Otherwise, the web is more like the sticky thing I pulled off my face this morning than an enabler for all applications used anywhere, on any device.

What do you think?