By this time most readers know that Citrix Receiver can run on a smartphone providing access to virtual apps and desktops. What may not be well known is how to enable your users to really take advantage of the capability plus avoid some of the potential issues with deployment or user acceptance.

My Mobility session at Synergy Berlin ( SYN 318 ) Go virtual with iPads, iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices , will include a number of topics based on what we have learned delivering apps and desktops to mobile devices including what works and what doesn’t.

Deployment options and issues - The deployment options will be covered as well as a review of the top support issues and how to resolve them.

Security options and recommendations - Security best practices and considerations.

Screen size limitations - How to deal with limited screen size and maximize usability.

What Applications - Deep dive into application options including demonstrations of new tools for building mobile apps that run on XenApp with no coding and compiling. Learn how to tweak existing apps to make the ” Mobile-Friendly”. Also understand what will be provided by Citrix to enable developers with an SDK for the in-house Visual Studio developers.

Citrix Mobile Apps - DocFinder, AppViewer and a New Secure Email client “Project GoldenGate” will be demoed and discussed.

Case Study - A review of early case studies from organizations that have deployed smartphones and tablets as business tools with Citrix Receiver, along with lessons learned and feedback ( good and bad )

If you have related topics you would like to hear about let me know in the comments. I hope to see you there.

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