After a record-breaking Synergy in May and a trip to Europe to continue preparation for Synergy Berlin, I’m really looking forward to spending time with our customers and partners at VMworld in San Francisco.

It’s going to be a great venue to continue the discussions we’ve had with the numerous IT professionals who are interested in virtual computing!  And, we’ve got a timely selection of demos and promotions to discuss too.  If you stop by Booth 1219 you’ll be able to:

  • see demos of our award-winning desktop virtualization solution, XenDesktop running on a variety of devices including the very cool Xenith from Wyse
  • talk to us about running Citrix Receiver on your mobile device of choice (and see an iPad with Windows 7 and maybe even some Flash!)
  • learn more about virtual desktops to go with XenClient 
  • discuss how enterprise and cloud computing really do go hand in hand

If the Citrix presence seems like a big change from last year, it is!  At Citrix, openness is engrained in both our culture and our technology – platforms, discussions, and people.  Our whole goal for Synergy is to provide the most productive format possible to support openness and participation.  Customers invest a lot of resources to attend a conference.  They expect transparency and choice and want to hear about a variety of vendors’ products and services.  I think the attendees at VMworld expect the same. 

So, in order to participate more fully and openly at VMworld, we have joined the VMware partner program as a Technology Alliance Partner at the Select level.  This has given us the opportunity to be a Silver sponsor of the event, and to showcase our technology and expand our booth size.  We’ll have double the space we did last year so more of you can come by without alarming the Fire Marshall!   We’re really excited to see you, but, if VMworld is not part of your plans, we hope to see you across the pond in October for Synergy Berlin, where even more discussions about virtualization, networking and the cloud will take place.