At Citrix TechEdge Berlin 2010, you’ll get a chance to meet some of Citrix Technical Support’s top engineers. One of these is Tomasz Czajka. Tomasz is a Senior Support Engineer and has been with Citrix since the rainy Irish winter of 2008 , which is over 2 1/2 years now. Tomasz is Located in the EMEA Technical Support offices in Dublin, Ireland where he supports our virtualisation products, mostly XenServer with all its Essential components and Provisioning Services. Tomasz loves the international character of working in Citrix, its culture, friendly and enthusiastic people from all over the world. This also includes the Customers/Partners he works with on a daily basis.

Tomasz gives us the inside scoop on the session he will be presenting at Citrix TechEdge Berlin 2010 during Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy Berlin 2010: Troubleshooting XenServer deployments.

Q. How has XenServer improved and/or how are you able to troubleshoot an issue more quickly from a support perspective this year?

Tomasz: As time goes, the XenServer product has been constantly improved, not only with new features been added but also alot of focus on quality and stability of the product.
For instance, certain functionality like multipathing and AD integration has been vastly improved and we noticed that in decreasing amount of support tickets opened for troubleshooting those problems.
Still, although the product is designed to run out of the box after quick installation, make sure you follow best practices from the earliest stage of deployment, available from the Knowledge Center.
Our XenServer/PVS support teams have also grown in numbers which helps provide a better service to our customers.

Q. What XenServer tips will attendees learn at your session this year?

Tomasz: During the session I want to focus on case studies representing scenarios that are likely to occur, which in my opinion is the best way to learn how to troubleshoot a XenSever environment.
I will show you how we tackle the issues and what publicly available tools XenServer support team is using and which might be helpful for you.

Q. What’s the most interesting case you’ve worked on this past year? Why?

Tomasz: The XenServer issues are interesting by definition, it is really hard to single out the most interesting one, I will definitely share it during the session

Q. When you’re not working how do spend your free time?

Tomasz: Currently all my free time is taken by my twin boys that are 4 weeks now – they give me a lot of joy!

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