Backing up Virtual Machines

If you are like me, you don’t sleep at night knowing your virtual infrastructure is not backed up. I have learned the painful lessons of having to rebuild my virtual environment a couple of times (actually four). Now, there is some relief in the form of a backup/restore solution.

XenServer will backup Metadata, but not the VM’s. That is where Arkeia comes into play. The Arkeia Network Backup suite, is delivered as a software application, physical appliance or virtual appliance.

We recently did a proof of concept in our XenServer, XenApp, XenDesktop lab in Santa Clara. We created a backup set for our virtual machines, including XenApp, XenDeskopt DDC, PVS, the virtual desktops (vDisks), NetScaler VPX’s, Branch Repeater VPX’s, and Vyatta virtual routers,… on XenServer. No agent is required on the machines that are targeted for backup and restore. This is particularly nice for a Xen environment, where, in our case, we have NetScaler VPX, Branch Repeater VPX and Access Gateway VPX running, and we would like to back them up in addition to the collateral Windows and Linux VM’s scatterred about.

We ran the Arkeia software on a Centos 5.4 VM – we recommend running this on a server external to XenServer as this is the backup/restore point. Arkeia network backup is easy to administer from a Web Interface, and scripts can also be run. Arkeia can backup over 150 different platforms, including Linux, Windows, AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Irix, Macintosh, Netware and Solaris. Arkeia supports backups to disk, to tape, or disk-to-disk-to-tape and allows replication of backup data across WANs to remote datacenters.

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Arkeia is Citrix Ready!

It’s Powerful!