Is it possible that there is an emerging market of on-demand bundled applications to augment IT organizations?  It was no surprise when Google created a set of applications to compete directly with the world leader in business productivity apps, Microsoft Office.  And the competition ever since has been fierce.

But did you know that after a couple of years of selling direct they decided to embrace the Microsoft model for selling… a partner channel.  In January of 2009, Google announced it would embrace a route to market that included any and all resellers of their bundle… well you need to meet a couple of requirements to become an authorized dealer like “fog a mirror”, “walk on two legs” and “create a presentation in Google docs”.  The point is Google is in the bundled applications service offering.  Some call it SaaS, but really it amounts to more than this because it is a bundle of applications not just a single app.

What about Microsoft’s Business Online Productivity Service (BPOS)?  It looks like a Google App bundle, smells like a Google App bundle but it hasn’t taken off like Microsoft originally intended.  Not to be outdone by Google, Microsoft announced in July of 2009 a reseller route to market as well.  Recently they announced a “Syndication” of the service as well.  So with their Cloud positioning today at “We’re all in” there are three basic models coming from Microsoft… Azure – the emerging Platform, BPOS – the bundle of applications and the age old Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

All this to say that yes there is another model emerging for the delivery of a “bundle of applications” to the mass market.  Why is this important?  Because we’ve seen over the past (20) years that a one-size-fits-all approach to IT, especially in the SMB market just doesn’t pan out.  We are seeing this dynamic with the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners.  They are creating a niche with thousands upon thousands of subscribers who want the application bundle, but also want the dedicated support of a regional service provider.  It’s the best of both worlds, a bundle of applications delivered over the Internet with a service provider that can also support the SLA.

Want to know how they are doing it?  Check out this webinar and you’ll see!