In a world where mobile is the “hot topic”, many IT departments around the globe are faced with a new task: supporting mobile devices. End-users are demanding, “We want to access our apps and desktops from our mobile devices!” With a mobile device being released almost daily, it is hard for IT to acquire, test, and certify most of these devices. Fortunately for IT, most of the devices are based on certain operating systems across many devices, so this helps with the acquisition and testing thing. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile (or the new Windows Phone ) are the major choices in the smartphone world. Mainly, in a Citrix world, IT would have to test one device using each OS and they can be pretty sure that they are going to behave the same across the other devices running the same OS (yes there are a few exceptions). That is the beauty of Citrix Receiver. Just like the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) model, Citrix Receiver for mobile devices can make your mobile strategy like a BYOM (Bring Your Own Mobile). The best thing about this is, like Receiver for the desktop, NOTHING resides on the client except Receiver! How awesome is that? So all IT has to support is the Receiver itself and not the user’s phone.

If you are new the the prospect of supporting mobile devices, we have you covered. We have put together some of the most comprehensive tips and tricks for administrators . We are constantly adding to it as we make more informational videos and white papers. We have also made support forums for each type of mobile Receiver (links to them on the respective pages).

So if you are being pressed to start a real mobile support solution across many devices types, I highly suggest you take a look at out Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices page .

We have Citrix Receiver for the following devices:

Windows Phone
…and more coming soon!

Is mobile the new desktop? Maybe, maybe not, but who knows. The main things going forward is the ability and knowledge to support the shift when/if it happens and not have to play catch-up.

…BTW : I even composed and published this post from Citrix Receiver for iPad using published Internet Explorer (c’mon that is just cool).

Tedd Fox
Program Manager – iOS