The XenServer Applications Group is hiring software engineers to work on the XenCenter, XenServer OEM Engineering, and XenServer Cloud Computing teams.

The XenCenter team is looking for a User Interface Software Engineer to work primarily on coding and user interface design. This will be based in Cambridge, UK. All the details are here:

The XenServer OEM Engineering team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Liaison, to work directly with, and be dedicated to, our leading cloud-computing partner. This person will be responsible for the architecture, design, and development of solutions specific to the needs of cloud service providers in general, and this partner in particular. This also will be based in Cambridge, UK. The details for this role are here:

The XenServer Cloud Computing team is looking for Distributed Systems Software Engineers in both Santa Clara, CA and Bangalore, India. These engineers will have specialized skills in distributed systems development, and will be responsible for the orchestration of virtual machine, network, and storage management across entire datacenters, with particular emphasis on large-scale, carrier-grade deployments. These teams in Santa Clara and Bangalore will be peers, with senior technical staff on both sides. The details are here: