In Synergy 2010 Citrix introduced Power gadgets for Xenapp which is a great tool for presenting data on mobile. Recently I got a bit of time and I decided to explore it. Power gadget  has the ability to use data generated from PowerShell, Database, and Web services. Since I had never worked on PowerShell  ,I  decided to use  Power Shell Interface to get familiar with it also. While I was just doing a bit of googling about PowerShell I came across PowerShell SDk for Xenapp and I decided to  use it which  added one more cool item in my list of learning by this little adventure.
 I decided to build a real time XenApp Server monitoring tool. If you are an IT administrator Imagine how cool it will be to see different  statics of  XenApp server  in your Mobile screen in the form of nice charts optimized for your mobile type. With the help of PowerGadgets I was quickly able to create some charts showing information like how many active sessions are running and who all are running them, time duration of each session etc.
Pleased with the results I was curious whether similar sdks are available for other Citrix Products and   I found PowerShell   Interface for XenServer and XenDesktop  are also available.
I added one more slide which utilize XenServer sdk and shows how  many WIN7 VM are available on the LAB and how many of them are running and how many switched off. With this I had almost five slides .Using Power gadgets  I created  two separate gadgets optimized for iphone and Blackberry with just few clicks. I renamed my gadgets to IT-Administrator’s  dashboard and Published it on XenApp . Used via Citrix receiver It looked great on my Blackberry and Iphone.
Since this  was meant to be  just a “Hello world” kind of example so I skipped the XenDesktop part. However In form of PowerShell  sdks   XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer provide a  really powerful and easy to use interface using which you can not only get all kind of data but do almost all management functions.
Combine this with PowerGadget to provide data presentation and  Citrix receiver for Mobiles  you have a truly powerful system  for managing and monitoring your company’s  whole virtualization environment  using a single interface anywhere and anytime.
I am attaching all the PowerShell scripts and gadget itself for this little example to give you an idea. These may not be the most efficient PowerShell scripts but  hey they works.