We’ve presented a TechTalk about XenApp 6 migration, with a 30 min demo of the migration tool and recommended process. Check it out here: http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/2531

We had a large attendance, and very good questions answered at the end of that presentation. I’ve collected them all here in a FAQ sort-of. Enjoy!

Q: What versions does the Migration Tool support migrating from?
A: XenApp 4.5 and above

Q: Do you plan to release a tool that supports migration from MPS 4.0 to XenApp 6?
A: No.

Q: Can the tool be used to migrate a xenapp 4.5 farm to a new xenapp 4.5 farm of different hardware
A: No. The use of the XenApp Tool is specific to migrating to a new XenApp 6 environment on WS08 R2. The import operation uses the new Powershell API in XA6, so this won’t work at all.
Right now, we also don’t support XA6 to XA6 migration, but this may change going forward.

Q: Are there plans for a GUI version of this tool?
A: Yes, this is planned.

Q: Will or is migration best practice processes documented by citrix and will it be added to the training course for XenApp6?
A: Yes. See Knowlege base http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx124241

Q: where can i get a migration tool manual?
A: XenApp edocs: http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp6-w2k8/ps-migrate-xa6-wrapper.html

Q: Will this copy installed applications or will the XA6 Servers require the installation of any apps that were on the XA5 servers?
A: You will have to handle the application migration, the tool will only copy farm configuration.

Q: Does the migration tool run on a server with Xen app 6 installed on it?
A: The Migration tool must be installed on a XenApp 6 or XenApp 5 server. The best way is to install on a XA6 in the farm you want to import the configuration to; and point to the XA5 farm using Set-XAMigrationOption -RemoteServer option – this way you can perform the migration procedure in one step. If you can’t connect the XA6 and 5 environments, then install the tool on both a XA5 and a XA6 server; use Start-XAMigration -ExportOnly on the legacy farm, copy the files to the XA6 server, and finally run Start-XAMigration -ImportOnly on the new farm.

Q: Can the Supress Duplicate Resources and Farm Groups options be configured in the GUI or is it only available by editing WebInterface.conf?
A: No. It needs to be done through .conf file “SuppressDuplicateResources=On”

Q: What about summary database, can we migrate some information from it as well ? in case we had all xenapp on W2K8R2 we would have exactly the same environment – just xenapp 6 would be the difference, I’d like to use reporting using the summary database content before the xenapp upgrade
A: No, the Resource Manager feature was replaced by Edgesight in XA version 6.

Q: We are using the software version of Citrix Secure Gateway version 4.6. Will this work with XenApp 6?
A: Yes, we still support CSG.

Q: Can the tool be used on a 4.5 farm and 5.0 farm to migrate to a single 6.0 farm?
A: We have not tested this scenario, but it should work fine. The tool won’t delete objects from the XA6 farm during migration. Therefore, if you avoid name conflicts, you can move settings from your 4.5 farm into 6.0; then 5.0 into 6.0 as two separate operations.

Q: I currently have Office 2003 installed and want Office 2010 on the new farm, but want to keep all other apps as is. How does this affect the migration?
A: It shouldn’t affect migration. If you want to use the same published application for both office versions, then create an environment variable that points to the Office install path; and publish the apps using the environment variable. I’ve done so in the demo (e.g., %MSOFFICEPATH%\excel.exe). I’ve used Group Policy Preferences to apply the environment variable to all servers – I had the XA5 and XA6 on different OUs.

Q: When using the migration tool to migrate applications, can you have them disabled them in the new XenApp 6 farm?
A: No, unfortunately the “Disabled” setting cannot be overridden with Add-XASettingOverride…
Instead, you should suppress the synchronization of any app you are not ready to migrate yet. For example, you can issue filters such as:
Set-XAMigrationOption -ObjectType Application -Exclude “app1”, “app2”
Set-XAMigrationOption -ObjectType Folder -Exclude “Application\NotReadyForMigration*”

Q: Does Installation Manager still available in XenApp 6? If so, does the migration tool migrate the IM settings and packages?
A: A new, simplified version of IM exists in XA6, but it doesn’t use the package format of the old IM. So, no, IM packages cannot be migrated.

Q: Web Interface phased migration options – can you migrate per app rather than per user? Where are these options documented?
A: Yes, but you should use application filters instead of WI settings. If you don’t synchronize some applications to the new farm (use Set-XAMigrationOption to configure filters), then WI will merge the results from the XA6 and XA5 farm for users assigned primarily to the XA6 farm. These users will launch apps in XA6 if available there; and in XA5 otherwise.

Q: I was considering reinstalling everything from scratch…I have the time, is this more recommended than using the Migration tool
A: The tool is an option. There are pros and cons… Starting from scratch will let to re-evaluate some decisions; while the tool preserves your existing configuration.

Q: Do we need to have two license severs/webinterfaces with the two farm Scenario- 4.5 – 6 farms
A: No. you can share.

Q: Does this integrate with provisioning server?
A: Not directly, but the group-based management model is very aligned with Provisioning Services. Since all XA6 is assigned via policies, Provisioning of computers is greatly simplified: just add the instances in XS/PVS, and all apps and settings apply correctly to the new server.

Q: Is there a user migration tool for XenApp 6?
A: If you mean user profile migration, from v1 (XP and below) to v2 (Vista and up), answer is no. There are partners that provide tools for profile migration, such as Sepago.

Q: Will we need to upgrade our license files and license servers to use XenApp 6?
A: You have to upgrade the license server. You don’t have to upgrade licenses if your SA date is at least Mar 17th 2010. Otherwise you have to upgrade your licenses.