Windows 7 64-bit recently declined to run one of my old DOS based utility programs; it politely said “I’m not running this, its 2010 and time for you to upgrade”.  I make a living running applications via means that weren’t really intended, so I did a bit of research.

Came across DOSBox on the internet and promptly installed it onto my USB Thumb drive using  Fired up a DOS Box, then ran my utility and poof!  Everything works. 

For more interesting worlds and better demos, I also ran Turbo Pascal from Borland.  Here’s a snapshot of DOSBox running from removable media, with Turbo Pascal integrated development environment run off of my local C: volume, with source code typed in from memory and an output window visible DOS style that proves it runs.

Oh, happy memories of a good friend.

I write this post more for asking questions than to provide too much useful advice.


  1. Does the license for DOSBox permit corporate usage?
  2. Is DOSBox a CPU pig or a good citizen?
  3. Has anyone actually used this for anything important?
  4. Is this a valid solution to DOS application needs on 64-bit Windows?
  5. Why would any sane person do this when they can use Med-V?
  6. Has Borland posted Turbo Pascal 6?  I seem to have lost my copy


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