Server virtualization – check. Servers consolidated, money and space saved.

Application virtualization – check – some time ago. User self service app access from anywhere on any device.

Desktop virtualization – in motion – centralizing desktop management, securing company IP and data, enabling remote workers and offices.

So what’s left that can benefit from virtualization…? Well I’ve got all these laptops… Lots of laptops actually – and they keep getting up and leaving, with the critical company data that I’m tasked with keeping secure. Wait – I can virtualize those too?

If you’re just discovering client virtualization, have been kicking the tires and want to know more, or are seeing the term for the first time, here’s a few resources to fill you in on the why and the how.

TIME SENSITIVE! July 21st 1:00 – 2:00pm EDT  Don’t miss out on Simon Crosby, Citrix CTO and Intel fellow Richard Uhlig (Intel rockstar) discussing the trends and the technology driving client virtualization. Register here

Why client hypervisors? Brian Madden discusses how client hypervisors fit with a desktop strategy and offers considerations when evaluating client hypervisors. View Brian’s mediacast here

And finally a discussion between Doug Brown and Peter Blum, director of product management for XenClient discussing many of the practical hands on details of XenClient and the Synchronizer for XenClient solution. Download the podcast here 

When you’re done with all of those, come back and I’ll give you some more – like the XenClient Masterclass – coming soon…