As Apple raises the bar once again in mobility with the release of iPhone 4.0, Citrix is keeping pace with our own Receiver update. Citrix Receiver for iPhone 4.00 is now available on the AppStore with a bunch of cool new features:

What’s New
  • Multitasking – We’ll be extending the new iOS functionality from Apple so you can run both virtual apps alongside native apps and toggle back and forth between them.
  • Shared Clipboard and Documents – You can share clipboard content between native and virtual apps and tranfer files between your virtual environment and device via iTunes.
  • External Display – We’re taking advantage of the video out to display virtual apps on an external monitor or projector so that road warriors can give presentations via their iPhone. Very cool.
In addition
  • Performance enhancements – Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice with Receiver 4.0 is the performance. Across the board, it’s 40% faster than previous versions.
  • Auto-fit Screen – When you rotate the phone, the Receiver screen automatically re-sizes to make the most of the screen real estate.
  • Improved Gestures – We’ve improved the responsiveness of Receiver by optimizing how gestures work with Apple’s native iOS so that users get instantaneous feedback. It feels very natural.

4.0 is a quantum leap over previous releases and fundamentally changes the mobile computing user experience. Now that I’ve been running it for awhile, I don’t know how I survived without it. I can’t wait for Apple to extend this to iPad later this Fall. You can bet we’ll be updating Receiver for iPad to match.

Let me know what you think.