XenServer’s Workload Balancing (WLB) team released a tool this week that could make your life a little easier – the Workload Balancing Administration Tool. (Workload Balancing is the XenServer feature that lets you balance VM workloads and power off unused servers at night.)
The Workload Balancing Administration Tool is a little utility that has three big advantages. It…
• Displays monitored pools and server status
• Simplifies changing the WLB communications account – no reinstallation necessary
• Lets you configure richer WLB logs for troubleshooting
The WLB Admin tool CTX125365 only takes about a minute to install. All you need to do is unzip the .exe from the download package and drop it in the Agent folder (C:\Program Files\Citrix\Workload Balancing\Agent folder on Windows Server 2008).

Why do I care about service status?

The WLB Admin tool lets you find out what pool Workload Balancing is monitoring and whether its services are up and running. Why do I care about service status? Well, verifying service status is the only way you can tell if Workload Balancing installed correctly – see CTX124482.

Changing Communications Accounts

Happily, this tool also lets you change the Workload Balancing communications account without having to reinstall Workload Balancing.

Basically, you just (1) create the new account on the WLB server, (2) specify it in the Accounts tab of the WLB Admin tool, and (3) go into XenCenter and specify the new WLB server credentials in the Connect to WLB Server dialog box (WLB tab -> Initialize WLB button).

Setting Richer Logging

The WLB team also included a feature that’s handy for troubleshooting: the Logging Options tab.

Selecting tracing options in this tab lets you increase the amount of detail that appears in the Workload Balancing log file (found in C:\Users\All Users\Citrix\Workload Balancing\Data\LogFile.log on Windows Server 2008, as described in CTX CTX124479).

One thing to note about the tool. If you are logged in with an account that isn’t a local admin or doesn’t have database rights, it can be a bit tricky to get the tool to run, so be sure to read the instructions on the download page CTX125365.